II. Self-Management. A "Franco-Yugoslav" model for Europe, 1945 – 1990

Researcher: Aurelie Andry; Scientific coordinator: Frank Georgi

In the aftermath of May 1968, and for another fifteen years, the concept of self-management (in French Autogestion) became central to the discourse of parts of the trade unions and the political Left in France as a radical version of the idea of workplace democracy. The genesis of a French self-management "model" cannot be understood without taking into account the system of selfmanagement in Tito's socialist Yugoslavia, from 1950 onwards. This is why it seems more accurate to speak of a "Franco-Yugoslavian model". In the project, we will examine the dissemination and reception of the idea of self-management in the trade unions of Western European countries, but also among intellectuals and within political parties, from a comparative as well as from a transnational perspective and pursue the question of how the idea of self-management circulated.

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